Ivan Tikhonov,


log-malloc - log malloc/free with stack trace

netboot - simple pxe-compatible dhcp and tftp server

procstat - displays linux proc stat (/proc/pid/stat) in human-readable format

tinyserial - small minicom replacement

udp_redirect - udp port forwarder

tinycaptcha - CAPTCHA anti-bot image generator

git-loc - LOC count for git

tangle.py - simple literate programming

Beard template language


fo.py, mighty Forth Lisp SmallTalk mix in Python

Web server in 58 lines of C

Making weird things. Metaprogramming in C.


iptables MASQUERADE vs SNAT - mistery of netfilter

poll vs epoll

Libc usage

FizzBuzz in Forth

TeX: The Program in PDF

DSSP and Forth languages comparison